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Oberlin Shansi Visiting Scholars and Oberlin Fellowship Program

The Oberlin Shansi Visiting Scholars Program, begun in 2005, is a joint cooperation between the Oberlin Shansi Institution in the United States and Syiah Kuala University - Aceh. This program aims to bring faculty and staff from Syiah Kuala University to Oberlin for one semester either Fall or Spring academic semester every year. The program provides scholars with opportunities to build networking with Oberlin professors, do research, teach, and experience the academic through interaction with faculty, staff and students in the host institution. Scholars can also work as volunteers with local community organizations. Conversely, Oberlin College sends fellows to Syiah Kuala University to do almost similar activities. They are based at Syiah Kuala University Language Centre where they teach English to faculty and students of Syiah Kuala University. They also participate in cultural talks and engage with academic and social life of the community around campus.

Currently there are 21 alumni of Oberlin Shansi scholar Program at Syiah Kuala University. They are now promoting what they learned and experienced from Oberlin to their colleagues at various faculties and departments. They recently established Oberlin Shansi Alumni Forum through which they hold academic and social events. They also assist the university in the recruitment and selection visiting scholars to Oberlin. The next Oberlin Shansi visiting scholars program will start in the Fall 2015 and Spring 2016. Two faculty members of Syiah Kuala University will be selected and join the program. For further information, please contact Faisal Mustafa at